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Dislyte Update


The new mobile game Dislyte is already very popular with gamers and will soon receive its first update – on May 31. Dislyte is a mobile RPG with a musical urban fantasy setting to explore. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Dislyte update.

Lots of new features are coming in Dislyte update, everything you need to pay attention to is here.

New Esper

This update brings four new Esper mounts to Dislyte, all with new Egyptian mythology themes. The five-star Esper Oll leads the four-star Esper with Nicole, Laura, and Meredith.

new looks

The new Esper Mona skin dedicated to the Greek moon goddess Artemis has been approved.

New features

The new game mode will come to Dislyte with the addition of Club Holobattle mode. This mod will allow clubs in the game to fight each other, form defensive team formations, and attack other club formations together to win battles and get group rewards. It seems to be familiar with the classic Clash of Clans Clan War game mode.

Additionally, a new story titled “Lone Star” will be available for players level 20+. When one of the game’s first limited-time events begins, there will be story missions and rewards to complete and earn.

Esper Balance Changes

As part of the upgrade, LilithGames broke some Espers specifically for the Holobattle Diet. Unas, Pritzker, Jiang Man, and Taylor battle Holobate buffs who boost their allied stats.

These are the biggest changes to be made, but there are also many other minor tweaks and fixes to Dislyte. To read all the changes, check out the official patch notes here.

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