OlliOlli World: announces its first expansion, VOID Riders

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Private Division publisher and developer of Roll7, announced first expansion OlliOlli Worldcall INVALID RidersThe game will be released on all platforms on June 15, 2022: PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Ps4, Xbox Series X and S, and Xbox One.

Also, a published introduction video To show the game:

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Let’s read some other details taken from the official press release:

Super stylish extraterrestrials Sair’Rah, Khehvyn and Pftangxi have come to Radlandia to find skaters to go to the mighty Nebulord. OlliOlli World: VOID Riders presents a new world full of challenges and space gear that will prepare you to explore the new alien realm known as “VOID”. Find your flow as you glide through the snows of Cloverbrook, crush the haunted Sunshine Valley and visit stormy Burntrock.

You may even find yourself the victim of alien abduction as you drive through Radlandia with the new tractor beam mechanic. Land on the big one, impress Nebulord with your sci-fi style and become one of his favorite alien skaters! Dive into the coolest depths of space and experience a new extraterrestrial adventure in OlliOlli World.

VOID Riders will be available for €9.99. Owners of the Rad Edition of OlliOlli World will receive the expansion for free. For more on the game, read our OlliOlli World review.

Source: Multiplayer

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