What is the best alliance for Elder Scrolls Online?

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Wondering which alliance to choose in Elder Scrolls Online? Here’s what you need to know.

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Getting into an MMO can be a bit tiring; New training to learn, master the mechanics and respect the rules. With The Elder Scrolls Online, you can make some pretty big decisions right off the bat, especially which alliance to choose.

In most games, your background or allegiance can only change your start or a few things along the way. In ESO, your choice of alliance can have a very serious impact on your experience. Shortly after the launch of ESO, players will have the choice between three alliances: Dominion Aldmeri, Alliance of Daggerfall or Covenant of Ebonheart. Like WoW, your choice of alliance limits the races you can choose to play. However, players who purchase a Collector’s Edition or an Adventure Pack are not limited in their choices.

Below, we discuss in detail what you need to know about each covenant so you can make informed choices on how to continue your journey.

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