Coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley Xbox Game Pass?

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Disney Dreamlight Valley may be free to play when it fully launches in 2023, but most avid gamers will be able to try out the game by purchasing an initial Founder’s Pack or Xbox Game Pass subscription. Here’s what you need to know.

Disney Dreamlight combines life-simulation elements with adventurous missions, quests and more from around the world filled with the most iconic characters from Disney and Pixar Law. Dreamlight Valley itself was a village where these characters lived in harmony before a world-destroying event known as Oblivion. The player must now begin the quest to return to the previous order of the universe.

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Players with an Xbox Game Pass subscription will be among the first to access the game, as the service arrives at 1am on Early Access day. The full game will also be released on Day 1 Game Pass. Alternatively, players can purchase without being a member by purchasing a Founder’s Pack, the price of which has yet to be announced, during the Early Access period.

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