WoW Progress: Kil’jaeden destroys BC Classic in record time…

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After opening the long-awaited doors Sanuel Tray At 12:00 a.m. PT on Friday, May 13, 2022, the Burning Crusade Classic Final Raid saw multiple raids to combat one of the most dangerous raids ever made by players of this era. An hour later, however, the Chinese were in the guild. old school CN Defeat Kiljaeden and his once terrified minions… without obliterating a single one from the bench! A perfectly organized world that we welcome!

  • Estimated time of death for Kiljaeden: 00:51

old school CN Defeated False World exactly 5 minutes before WWIIavatar (EU)And almost 10 minutes before the World Cup at the previous level, Progress (EU). An incredible 51-minute performance allows him to highlight the Chinese Guild for the first time in the history of the classics, a world first. Finally change!

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Composition of the first world raid of Kiljaeden

The champions of that day brought with them a very sensitive team, almost ready to take on the challenges that awaited them. We pay special attention to the presence of 3. Hunter Beast Mastery (One of them is also called a perfume, but has nothing in common with the real Echo Guild perfume), 3. destroy wizardsfrom 2 Develop Shamansfrom 2 Shadow Priests… and wild magician ! An amazing composition far from the “meta” that many players respect!

Well, from Medicare’s perspective, that’s no big surprise. restoration shaman This is overrepresented by the presence of the three in the raids. next to the tanks wild magician And rather predictable Defend the paladin. At the same time, only one of two top-five guilds in the world has chosen a two-tank build for Kil’jaeden, three against the others.


  • Sunny: wild magician
  • SSan: Defend the paladin


  • gvcm: restoration shaman
  • 白羽 白羽 白羽: restoration shaman
  • 图腾 图腾 图腾: restoration shaman
  • 治療 治療: repair magician
  • Kiartas: Holy Paladin
  • Leysrift: Priest of Discipline


  • 德德德: fight a thief
  • Scent: Hunter’s Beast Mastery
  • Intellectually: Hunter’s Beast Mastery
  • nightxmoon: Hunter’s Beast Mastery
  • 啊啊: warrior weapons
  • migo: fortify the shaman
  • 斯乳爱斯: fortify the shaman
  • Sashimidroid: wild magician
  • 哟好矮哟: witcher extermination
  • Parts: witcher extermination
  • 薄饼薄饼: witcher extermination
  • Larenbing: wizard of pain
  • Read more: The Paladin’s Revenge
  • 乖乖 乖乖: hunter survival
  • Madness: shadow priest
  • 会长的徐会长: shadow priest
  • 心心心: Magician enigmaticS

This last level race of the Burning Crusade Classic lasted only 1h30 before the First World War, the first 10 being known from 1h28 (Paris time). besides, it’s french tommy (Sulfuron) Bring the back. King Litch’s wrath is now the target…!

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