Riot kicks T1 out of Valorant tournament for cheating

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T1 Thanks to its iconic League of Legends team and the most important player in MOBA history, it is one of the most important esports clubs in the world. fake

But today, the news about T1 is not about a new record or victory, but quite the opposite, because Riot Games disqualifies Valorant team After the Korean club was caught cheating during the competition.

Violating communication rules

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In this case, the cheats aren’t about using an external program (as often happens with shooters), but T1 has previously broken a pretty obvious rule that prohibits coaches from talking to players during games, except when there’s a technical interruption. requested.

In other words, the Valorant team coach gave players an instruction in the middle of the game that was completely forbidden and helped them beat TSM illegally, several players of the USA team complained about this and it led to a Riot. The investigation that resulted in T1 losing the match and being eliminated from the VCT Open Qualifier One.

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