Is KC Rekkles stronger on Twitter than the Rift?

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Is KC Rekkles stronger on Twitter than the Rift?

Photograph: NEVERMVM

This Carmine Corp. There was a lot of noise on Twitter about it, and it was in the top 5 sports structures in the first quarter of 2022, ahead of all-time heavyweights. TSM Or G2 Esports. Success is collective, but also based on great individuals. The little blue bird has released a ranking of the “strongest” athletes on its network, and the top 10 includes two players from Karmine Corp. Clearly Recles accepted. On the other hand, we didn’t think so. coat It was so awesome! 6th place ahead of the Ukrainian easy However, he is considered the current best CS:GO player.

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Is the LFL stronger than the LEC?

We are obviously talking about popularity on Twitter, not level. The French league is theoretically smaller than the Europa League and its community should be more restricted… However, Karmine Corp. His fans are definitely more passionate than average and there is not a single LEC in the top 10. The player (caPs, Perkz, Vetheo…) places two reps in the top 10 LFL.

Recles He finished 3rd on the podium. It’s no surprise that Sweden is a real rock star. He is very active on the networks, regularly posting photos and tweets in French to make himself appreciated by the public. Although he is considered the best European ADC in history, it is still unclear why he was not in the LEC. But his popularity has not been denied, even if he plays in a “secondary” league (no world qualification). In fact, you could tell he’s even more nervous than before, since he can now lean against the blue wall. He wore it too coat 6th place in the tournament standings. This former veteran is loved every day and returns to the team, as evidenced by his 2022 Spring MVP LFL title.

Performance is not the center of attention on Twitter

Leaving aside the League of Legends specter, we’ll notice elsewhere that performance isn’t necessarily the most important factor in determining a player’s strength. excitement. Especially after the performances in Ukraine, s1mple might be higher, but happy with 7th place. Another CS:GO player entering the house is Brazilian legend FalleN. However, he is no longer part of Gratin with the Imperial Esports team, but can still count on the undying love of the fans.

We also observe that even though the esports scene in Valorant tries to grow, it still continues. TenZ (4th) and mix well (5.) in the top 10. It must be said that the two thieves broadcast a lot, and their activities were always very watched on the networks. The Spaniard also showed animated series for long weeks during his tenure or as part of G2.

Source : Millenium

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