A special soloQ rush for Worlds 2022

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Photo: Riot Games

It’s the same every year, and the excitement is quickly seeping into the League of Legends community. worlds Point the tip of his nose. Fans look forward to games and eagerly await their favorite teams to put on a show. Some players are also closely monitoring the arrival dates of qualified teams. training camp, on the ground. They know these players will spam the leaderboards on soloQ, and this is an opportunity to meet them, especially on the road. challenger. So basically it’s a little game of cat and mouse.

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But this year, the race is a little different for soloQ. A little sad for the public but definitely better for professional players!

The champion row is always more useful

We opened in North America this year line of champions. It uses a private server and brings together only the crème de la crème: pro players from the LCS, pro players from the academy teams, pro players from the LLA region, very high level players… all while enjoying great quality . With a link, those lucky ones are guaranteed to meet players unrelated to the troll. We also mentioned that the highest ranked players in the Champions League earn a lot of money.

Professional players who come to NA training camp for Worlds will have access to this famous server. fake, food, Hats soloQ won’t need as much grinding. Therefore, their life will be much easier and they won’t have to be afraid of a sniper. for gamers Local DN, it’s also a good opportunity to network with the best. So we only see the benefits of this decision!

Minor adjustments to worlds

League of Legends

Riot Games has announced that some minor adjustments will be made to the traditional champion ranking. Since the goal is to prepare the worlds, money will not be involved. Rumor has it that the NA region wants to protect its territory silver Instead of giving it to the Chinese or the Koreans. Also, as these moments are always very popular with viewers, the organizers will grant broadcasting and viewing rights to the creators, thus facilitating the distribution of the games. So you can imagine the vision duke, Crack where miniature Comment on these pieces. I hope that at least one member of the French community is accredited…

Source : Millenium

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