A new Chinese super team is forming?

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Photo: LoL Esports

We had the right to build a few this year great suits around the world. in Europe fnatic where is a scaling team vitality Disappointed. in North America The team is fluent fell in south korea Gen.G He took his time before reaching his full potential and will reach the World Championships in good shape. Given the pool of talent, only the Chinese example remains which can boast of having great teams!

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But next year we can see the development of the Chinese team. extraordinary. We’re only talking rumors at the moment, but if it comes to fruition, expect sparks.

BLG, it’s them again!

bilibili game It’s an LPL team that is struggling to find its place. His track record is empty and he has never qualified for an international competition. At best he managed to finish in the top 4 (summer 2019). It’s not funny considering that the Chinese league is very competitive. But to survive you have to succeed with giants like EDG, RNG or Top Esports…

In 2022, BLG sought to innovate by recruiting high-potential profiles. Throughout the year, we could see talents like Uzi, Doggo, Icon, Bin or Crisp… MSI where worlds. However, even in terms of popularity, the results were very mixed. Needless to say, the Uzi mess didn’t help matters. The venerable ADC is gone as quickly as he came in dark and potentially divisive circumstances. But the leaders don’t seem to want to let go and are considering an even more dramatic version by 2023.

Names that shine more than each other

League of Legends

Rumor has it that two avenues are being explored in the middle lane… TO DO and novice ! We are talking about the 2018 (Invictus Gaming) and 2019 (FPX) world champions. Both have made a lot of noise this year but failed to take their teams (LNG and V5) to the Worlds. Therefore, they may be tempted by new experiences. on their side trash can and crispThe already strong will be protected. The standards remain high with a winner of MSI 2022 and a player also in the game in 2019 with FPX and Doinb.

All that remains is to find an ADC and a jungler… and once again, the players cited are huge! uzi He could make a real comeback, provided this year’s coach packs his bags. After all, the position of forester was given to them. ning where Tarzan… The first won the world championship with Rookie, the second has been playing with Doinb for two years. We imagine that the leaders will try to reform one of these two middle / jungle duos. We don’t know if everything will go as planned, but if it does, we have to wait. Madness !

Source : Millenium

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