1v1 game mode is coming… but not in League of Legends

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For some time now, the League of Legends community has been angry with Riot Games (although they are legitimately curious when that’s not the case). Many players were disappointed with the events Riot Games had to offer, due to the lack of updates. We’re talking game mods, not mid-rated visual novels that will be scaled down in the future, as Riot’s new MOBA manager explains.

We always find the same thing in each event: URF, Grimoire ultimate (latest), Raid of the Nexus or One for all. A choice made by the studio, which explained that it would take a lot of work to bring back the old temporary game mods that were in the old client. That’s why when a highly anticipated new game mode for Wild Rift, the mobile version of LoL, is announced, many in the community are upset.

Exclusive Wild Rift 1v1

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You’ve probably seen it on the interwebs, A mod called Duel 1vs1 is coming to the wild divide — Next September 15 with patch 3.4. The principle is simple and as its name suggests: you are a unique adversary on the ARAM (Abime Hurlant) map. Some will say, but isn’t that enough to make an exclusive LoL game? Him and no. sure, You can technically create a pure 1v1 situation in the PC version via custom game creation, but that’s not the same thing.

League of Legends
League of Legends

First, you have to manually create the game each time, Most importantly, you can only meet people on your friends list.. Unlike Wild Rift, this is a real queue so you can challenge any player and prove to the world who is the strongest.

Problematic user

The announcement that this mode has been added to the mobile version caused a big reaction in the audience. “Wild Rift is literally better than League on PC. Better skins, more cosmetics and even more new modes than on PC this year. A player said on Twitter.

If the statement is true, it is easily explained. We must remember that The Wild Rift and League of Legends teams are two separate entities, each working independently on their own projects. (although sometimes common occurrences). You don’t program on a PC like you program on a cell phone. Also, the League of Legends client is old, has been updated multiple times, and has a lot of issues – probably one of the reasons we’ll never see the old ones again. Mods like Hexakill, Odyssey: Extraction, and even Nemesis Draft (which Riot Games already hated).

Who remembers Dark Star: Singularity?  - League of Agents
Who remembers Dark Star: Singularity?

The thing that bothers the community the most is that the mobile version’s add rates seem very fast compared to League of Legends. Let’s not forget that Wild Rift is younger, coded in the latest era, and therefore less vulgar than the PC version. The Riot Games MOBA is almost 13 years old and has grown a lot over the years. Maintaining a stable clientele is a real challenge, especially with 160 champions and millions of monthly players. Player frustration is understandable, but so are Riot Games’ decisions regarding its two games.

Your best Dr. We still remember he was in the empty pit with Mundo. It’s a real duel of talents.

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