Not crowded, but Santorini doesn’t seem to be retiring

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Photo: LoL Esports

current atmosphere The team is fluent Not particularly happy. League of Legends has had a tough year and the results are minimal. The team won the pre-season tournament (Lock In), but not much happened… The build created a super team that eventually stole the pass. Hans Sama and bwipo To Europe so as not to win the classification and above all not to miss the qualifications worlds ! Team Liquid boss Steve has spoken. Looking serious and with sad eyes, he apologized to his fans and promised a change next year…

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Since then, speculation has been flying in all directions. Wooloo shook the nightHans Sama could go Carmine Corp.For the greatest pleasure of the ultras. the woodcutter, Santoriniwill announce it Pension. But the interested director quickly dismissed the noise of the corridors: retirement, not urgent!

Gazi was shot down but did not sink

Luke”Santorini“Tao Kilmer Larsen is now 25 years old. He’s not so young anymore and seems to have been playing League of Legends forever. It must be said that he went through many teams in North America or Europe (TSM, FlyQuest, Team). Coast, NRG Esports, H2K, Gold Coin United…) has a reputation as a player despite his successes (1 LCS title, 1 IEM and 3 participations in the Worlds). wash. Society is not particularly kind to him, and his career is full of constant criticism.

Therefore, we can assume that the rumors were caused by his problems“, above all, do not leave with good intentions. It’s even more brutal that they’ve had really minor issues in the past and are taking breaks to recharge their batteries and come back. But suddenly the forester reassured him that he had never felt better. your life. He learned to listen to his body and step back. Not yet. It’s something that will put fans at ease.

Team Liquid, everyone wants to take their place?

The team is fluent He promised changing In the League of Legends 2023 roster. No names have been given, but we do know that the structure seeks to build a more balanced and well-rounded squad based on homegrown talent, rather than picking a transforming super squad. quickly into a super disappointment. We can therefore imagine that 5 players from the current roster are in the hot seat:

  • bwipo (Above): He does not have the status of a resident of the National Movement and is not convinced. We believe it is closer to leaving than to staying.
  • Santorini (Jungle): It is very difficult to predict your future. This will mainly depend on the opportunities available in the market.
  • bjergsen (Mid): Named the greatest player in LCS history, can stay. His mental state is considered exemplary and perfect to accompany young talents.
  • Hans Sama (ADC): Wooloo sends it to Karmine Corp, possibly returning to Europe.
  • coreJJ (Supp): After the expiration of the contract, he is still in a difficult situation regarding his compulsory military service. He is not expected to return for another season.

Source : Millenium

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