Is Yoda in League of Legends? You dreamed it, artificial intelligence did it!

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A few days ago, we reported on an AI capable of recreating League of Legends champions solely from references provided by Riot Games. Among the strange creatures and other oddities, some of the results were particularly intriguing. This time we are going to tell you about another artificial intelligence that has given you much more freedom since then.It lets you imagine anyone (fictional or real) as well as anything as a Riot Games MOBA champion.

Freedom of your imagination

The principle is simple, You enter the conditions you want, the artificial intelligence takes care of the rest.. You can certainly try creating new League of Legends champions, but you’re not limited to anything. Yes, if you want to imagine characters from other games or anything else you can think of, you can.

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Of course, the outcome is sometimes very likely. The AI ​​tries to do anything from a simple sentence. Some of the results (like Yoda’s) are quite encouraging, while others are disastrous. Note that you can run the same query multiple times and get different results.

League of Legends
League of Legends

We’re not going to lie to each other, but the AI ​​that drew portraits of the champion from his past gave us more relevant images, but had more data, and that’s something to consider. Here he has to settle for a little knowledge to get the most out of it. However, AI is becoming increasingly complex and it is difficult to predict where it will go in the long term. Maybe one day Riot Games will use these tools to create a champion that will officially come to League of Legends.

If you want to review and create your own gallery, Go to the dedicated website.

Source : Millenium

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