LoL: A fan-made champion that transcends Riot’s design

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Riot Games has a problem with League of Legends. The sheer size of the game makes it impossible for everyone to enjoy it. Players request a new character of a certain category, champions returning from a certain region, or a hero with a special appearance. In this sense, it is not possible for a developer to please everyone in every release. But the fans are doing what Riot Games didn’t.. Society is often tasked with bringing us what most of us have been waiting for for years. That’s what happened once again to one of the most exciting champions we’ve ever seen.

Legends have needed the Champions League for years

Created by a community artist who continues her training to continue to evolve in the world of gaming, Faye is one of the best champions we have ever seen. As a thief in her youth, she came to League of Legends to become the most dangerous Grandmother in Summoner’s Rift. An archetype we’ve never seen in any game before and miss. It is true that Riot Games is more and more open to such an idea, but this gives hope for the arrival of such a character.

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The artist even created his own lunch skin - League of Legends
The artist even created his own launch skin

The artwork is absolutely stunning and on par with Riot Games’ best designs, but it doesn’t stop there. In addition to being a conceptually interesting and perfectly executed character, the artist in question also dared to offer an idea of ​​what the talents of the champion could be.. We must always remember that we are not talking about game design experts in this case. However, what would be the fairy enchantment set, very interesting tools.

  • Asia : When leveling up, the champion gains a permanent damage bonus that is only active when all of their skills are ready to use.
  • have – Faye commands Faust (on her hat) to spit an energy arrow that travels in a straight line and can hit up to three enemy champions. Damage increases with each character hit and also affects minions.
  • Z : Attacks with his wand filled with magical energy and fires a claw-like projectile at enemies. The champion hit first is stunned for three seconds and Faye can shake them off in one second before they expire.
  • at : Increases the damage of the champion with crystals for ten seconds. If a character dies while this ability is active, they take permanent bonus damage. Grants double gold if buff owner is killed.
  • R : Fei creates a dimensional void and can be moved anywhere on the map after 3 seconds of guidance. When worn, the breach area also takes damage.
Summoner's Rift - League of Legends abilities will look like this
Here’s What Summoner’s Rift Abilities Looked Like

If the odds are a bit odd, we insist that they’re just an excuse to create visual effects.. Still, we’ve been waiting a long time to see a new spell with global reach in the game. It’s worth noting that before Renata Glaska created this character, the artist was already thinking about the mechanics that would make this possible. “Shake” enemies. It is true that the game is not as good as the visuals, but different departments are involved in character development for that.

League of Legends offers more and more character variety, but it still owes a huge debt to the community. One of them will be the introduction of an older female character whose appearance will show the weight of years.. This archetype has been requested many times, and while Riot Games is open to such creations, the to-do list is very long. Until then, we will have to make do with creations like Faye’s to stimulate our imagination.

This champion was created by Anthea Zammit and shared by the artist herself. Profile ArtStation .

Source : Millenium

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