Star Guardian Syndra Prestige Edition Skin Splash Art, price, release date, how to get it?

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Star Guardian Syndra Prestige Edition was announced on July 12 as one of the new League of Legends skins.

Star Guardian Syndra was previously released as a standard skin in 2017, but is now getting a Prestige Edition in 2022. When the skin is released, it should be available through in-game currency.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Star Guardian Syndra Prestige Edition.

Riot Games’ photo

The original Star Guardian Syndra opening image had glowing purple themes that matched the opening image for champions like Jinx. This new teaser image features Syndra in new dark purple and blue ice themes with orbs moving around her.

Star Guardian Syndra Prestige Edition will be available for in-game currency, not RP. When the skin is activated, the costume should cost 2000 currency in the loot tab.

Star Guardian Syndra Prestige Edition is set to release in League of Legends Patch 12.14, along with Star Guardian Quinn, Rell, Akali, and Star Nemesis Morgana.

Once the costume is activated, players will be able to obtain Star Guardian Syndra from the loot tab using the special in-game currency. Skins will not be available in the store for RP during events, as will Prestige Edition skins .

Source : dbl tap

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