LoL: How much does Riot Games earn on average per skin?

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decide Play League of Legends for free and earn money by selling skins partially Riot Games is responsible for the success of the game. The developer chose a free-to-play model Long before it became a trend in the video game industry And it has managed to overcome some of the stereotypes that associate free products with poor quality or overselling and pay-to-win* mechanisms. However, it was an interesting decision not only for the user, but also for the studio. It produces historical figures every year.

*This statement was absolutely true At the beginning of the game, where it is possible to obtain most champions with a good amount of game time. but Today, it seems pretty hard to get the entire cast without paying a dime.Considering all the characters released for 12 years. we still rememberIt is not necessary to have all the champions To get to the top of the SoloQ leaderboard or to have fun in the game, just to have the ones you like the most. In the same way, Access to ranked mode, which requires level 30 accounts and 20 different champions, is still easy to unlock (Free spins not included) without withdrawing the credit card. League of Legends is always free to play without any malicious actions on our part, Provided you accept that it is not possible to quickly unlock all the champions.

Numbers provided by Riot

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On several occasions, Riot Games has revealed how much money certain skins are making. The table below lists some of this general data. It is important to note that this table and the component numbers only take into account a precise period, generally the period when the skin is stretched. Some of the skins have been sold for years and therefore eventually brought more, but we are only including the numbers here for now.

Championship top (leather + bedroom)

2016 year


Championship Ashes (Leather + Chamber)

year 2017


Kha Zix Championship (Leather + Chamber)

2018 year


Black Pulsar Cho Gat

year 2019


Order of the Lotus Blend

year 2020


Orn Sylvester

year 2020


Olaf the Sentinel

2021 year


this should be noted These official data correspond to private events If they can give you an idea of ​​what Riot Games is trying to bring to the community and how much money Riot Games is making selling skins in League of Legends, It is not certain that all the volumes are equally successful.. There’s also a big difference in which character gets cosmetics, which can run into the millions of dollars. For instance, The latest data from Karma, Cho’gat, Orn or Olaf should be taken with a grain of salt.Since even some of the proceeds from leather sales are donated to charity like Talia, which is now available, None of these champions are among the most beloved by the public.

However, the trend indicated in the table can be adapted to reality. While League of Legends has brought many players back and the community has grown with the release of Arcane or other Riot Games video games, More skin is lost each year . This way, and even though total video game revenue is higher year over year, It is possible to get this income by selling more skins. not as individual entries for a particular volume. However, it is claimed that the comparison is difficult due to the difference in popularity of the characters.

League of Legends

It would be very interesting to know the appearances of Lux, Ezreal, Yasuo or other most popular League of Legends characters. However, the company is keeping the total amount earned from players’ favorite champion skins a secret. They acknowledged that they release more skins for these champions because they earn more money, but not how big of a difference compared to other heroes. In any case, and very cautiously, the average during the month of their release easily exceeded 6 million euros. With approximately 140 coatings released each year, the amount produced is astronomical.

The numbers of the year

According to the various information given, it is probableBetween 2015 and 2020, costume sales brought Riot Games an average of 1,700 million euros per year. To this source of income we must add event tickets, other cosmetics and even emotes or collaboration agreements between Riot Games and other companies. Moreover, the company has released more games and thanks to them, its profit continues to increase. They bought an outside studio to make their own versions of Minecraft and things seem to be going very well for the American studio.

Source : Millenium

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