LVP announces Second Division Superliga, which will give access to the best league in Spain

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this Professional video game competitionThe main organizer of esports events in Spain, today second division It returns from the League of Legends league as a way to access the Super League.

This new tournament will be the Second Division Super League and, like its older sister, will consist of 10 teams, two divisions per year. Teams in this silver league will choose to move to the Super League through a playoff process, while this Second Division will be tied to the amateur leagues.

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As for the entrants, the only team with a guaranteed spot in the Second Division will be eMonkeyz Club, which was recently relegated from the Super League, while the other nine members will be selected this way: five through a selection process. Coming out of LVP and whose application procedure will be opened today; two as amateur champion and Storm Circuit runner-up; and two more, via qualifiers on the LVP competitive platform ArenaGG.

January is the starting month of the Superliga Segunda División

The month of January 2022 will be selected for the start of the Second Division Super League, which will have a similar duration to the Super League and we will get more details at the format level in the coming weeks.

Our commitment to Riot Games and the community is to create a competitively strong and therefore attractive Second Division Super League for all players. There are many teams interested in being part of the Super League ecosystem, so the Second Division Super League should be the perfect gateway to Europe’s reference national competition.“LVP’s CEO, Jordi Soler, explains.

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