Why should we value a team in the GO LFL?

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Photo: Team GO

Leadership shared by 4 teams LFL Currently: BECOME A LDLCInterim Champions, vitality.bees Team Vitality’s academic team and two relatively unpredictable structures… game room And The GO team. Frankly, we should not miss the summer break after only two small games. But we can’t help but smile a little. Team GO is a team that is often characterized by a lack of fuss, outdated communication, and possibly a small fan base. Many observers aren’t afraid to promise him at the end of the rankings… One can think in particular of the Solary team, which finished 9th on the Tier List Team GO, making him a possible candidate. Lessen. But doesn’t this historic structure of the LFL deserve a little more respect? The team doesn’t release fans like Karmine Corp, doesn’t have an LDLC OL record, and its spring level was a far cry from BDS Academy. However, the company gave him a little more talk !

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Team GO sets a more honorable record on the French scene

People lie, numbers don’t. The same goes for awards and trophies. Team GO, formerly known as GamersOrigin, has had quite a bit of success in League of Legends history and no one can take that away from them. Obviously, Karmine Corp. The youngest who discover the sport are certainly not old enough to have past references, but they must therefore be given a little history lesson. The GO team:

  • Two LFL titles (Spring and Summer 2020)
  • 2 Occitanie Esports (2018 and 2019)
  • 2 AGMs (2018 and 2017)
  • 1 ESWC Metz (2018)
  • 1 Lyon eSports (2017)

We also avoid other French tournaments, which were numerous before the creation of the LFL (Underdogs, ESL, etc.). But you will understand: Team GO has an experience to respect. It may not be new, but it is real. If we’re only talking about the LFL, know that too. 2 titles are his meritThe team is working better than most of the builds involved today… LDLC OL have a head start 3 Big headlines, but the rest lags behind. For example, Solary 0, at Vitality.Bee. carmine body aIt’s like Misfits Premier.

Team GO, the team is ready for the playoffs in the spring

Also note that the team is GO. Playoffs Shortly before. Just look at the last section to find the final version of the step. Finishing in the top 6 is not an achievement in itself, but it remains a priority objective for teams who want to have a chance to fight for the championship without forgetting to qualify for the European Masters. More generally, GamersOrigin has had many playoff campaigns in its history. Its duration and regularity must be respected.

  • Spring 2022 (6th)
  • Summer 2020 (1)
  • Spring 2020 (1)
  • Spring 2019 (3rd)

Report 4/7 Quite respectable. on his side, Sun The reason is 1/7. game room defends itself quite well 3/5.

Team GO, a historic LFL team that has never moved

League of Legends

The LFL attracts more and more people every year. Today, international starsThere’s no shortage of them (Rekkles, Shernfire, Zanzarah…) and there’s even an English cast to follow the competition. The latter has evolved over time and the competitive landscape has changed a lot since the first edition of 2019. At that time, Team GO was already part of the equation. Knowing that the French championship is open and that every year the worst players face the specter of relegation, to be there from the start is a small achievement in itself. Not everyone can boast of having participated in all 8 episodes, except for Team GO (including summer 2022)

  • Team GO: 8 segments
  • OLLC OL: ​​8 segments
  • Vitality.Bee: 8 segments
  • Misfits Premier: 8 segments
  • Sun: 8 segments
  • Game: 6 episodes
  • Karmine Corp: 4 segments
  • BDS Academy: 4 episodes
  • Oplon team: 2 segments
  • Mirage Elyandra: 2 episodes

Team GO List: Several former champions

League of Legends

We talked a lot about the structure, but also talk about the players who make up Team GO. The team has two former champions in its ranks:

  • CDA smiles Who has twice won the French championship?
  • RAM Jesse Who (Origen) has won the EUM once as a player as well as twice as a coach (Misfits Premier and LDLC OL).

Let’s also add that these are two ex-members of Lek. Jesse I have played Worlds several times (SK Gaming and Fnatic). With such a legacy, the team has to be given credit. These two know the recipe for victory and they appear out of nowhere.

GO team, karim kt team

Finally, we could not talk about Team GO without mentioning the situation of Karim.Kerim Kt“Aubineau. Over time, this forester became the main figure in the French championship, of which he also wore the colors. The aAa team And game room. Although he had never won a championship (he was once a runner-up), Karim was still impressed with his aggressive style of play and his ability to deliver a good game. Jungler likes to play forward and knows how to take responsibility at the club. understand. The risks, by their nature, are not always reimbursed and sometimes the wings burn. But when he manages to steal like he did in the first two games of the Summer Split, the result is great. You will never get bored of him and look forward to the draft stage if he will leave the opposing team Lee Xin open.

Karim CT a Rocket It works and makes noise. But with him Team GO is not in trouble, but on the contrary aims Moon.

Source : Millenium

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