Are the requirements too high? Rockstar probably had to cancel its many plans

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Fans expect GTA 6 to be massive. Rockstar Games probably wanted to match it. However, the developer had to remove some of the plans because they were getting too big.

New York – The expectations for GTA 6 are huge. No wonder fans have been waiting for the sequel to the popular series for many years. So far, developer Rockstar Games has remained silent. Earlier in February, the studio announced that it was working on the next Grand Theft Utilitarian. Since then, fans have been waiting in vain for more details. But thanks to a detailed and investigative article, players now know more. It looks like Rockstar Games must have greatly exceeded their plans for GTA 6.

group name Grand Theft Utility VI (GTA 6)
diffusion Indicate
editors rock star games
developer rock meta wealth
Platform PS5, Xbox Series X, computer
types Exciting adventure, cracked world.

GTA 6: Big plans for the next title in the series – Rockstar Games is likely to take over

Giant planes for GTA 6: The New York-based developer has been working on the next major installment in the popular GTA franchise for years. This has probably been obvious to many fans for a long time, but many are still wondering why GTA 6 registration took so long. According to an extreme article by investigative journalist Jason Schreier, Rockstar Games has been working on the next Grand Theft Utilitarian game since 2014. Initially, there were three cities and four heroes planned for GTA 6. However, these plans would be scaled back , according to Axios.

The man looks at the starry sky and the GTA 6 logo.
Huge plans for GTA 6: Rumors that Rockstar Games has already been canceled © Unsplash / Reddit: Lord_Towelie (Mount)

Schreier further confirms this in his article on Rockstar Games’ working civilization and their involvement in GTA 6. Schreier’s sources have indicated that the next game will likely have two protagonists. Among them there will be a female heroine for the first time in GTA 6. The article still atlases and explores the dimensions of spaces. A larger scene where players will land at the North Pole and South America would initially be planned.

Without the dead end, these apartments were demolished. Instead, the New York-based developer is currently focusing on a fictional Miami translation. Rockstar Games thus fulfills the wishes of many fans. Many players wanted the Vice City setting for GTA 6.

GTA 6: Group will be expanded with later updates

GTA 6 will not be small: According to Bloomberg and Axios, the New York-based developer had to change its plans for GTA 6. One of the reasons is the advanced civilization of the guilds, which now places more emphasis on the mental and general health of the workers. That’s why Rockstar Games plans to continuously improve GTA 6 in the future. After signing up, there should be regular updates that improve the group and add more content. Anyway, fans can conquer other cities, they will probably only focus on Miami for the filming of GTA 6.

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