Trailer released on ONL – finally information about the killer of GTA 6

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In the confusion of the live stream at Gamescom 2022, fans finally got their first look at Everywhere. There are.

Update of 23-08-2022: Everywhere and growth studio Build A Rocket Boy have already been announced as Gamescom 2022 publishers. But the surprise Opening Night Live: Everywhere kicks off the game show with a world first trailer. You can already check out the trailer for Everywhere on ONL in our article.

Refresh (first broadcast) Indicate
editors build a rocket
Platform PS5, Xbox X Series
developer Build a Rocket Boy Repertoire
nature whole world

May 3, 2022 First Chronicle: Edinburgh, Scotland – Leslie Benzies, the former lead developer of the GTA series, aims to develop a new worldwide repertoire with the Everywhere Repertoire. Until now, not much was known other than what the potential characters might be. But leaker Okami Games posted new information about the repository on his Twitter account, saying, among other things, that players should be given the ability to create their own worlds.

GTA 6 Killer: New information on Everywhere

What directory content should be included? okami games It recounts some of the tenets of the repertoire that we already know from the GTA series. First, Everywhere will be a AAA world with multiplayer episodes. Okami Games describes the set as “current life” Ready Player One. The story should probably be told in purely romantic form. It doesn’t explain exactly what Okami Games wants to ensure with this.

In addition to the vast world, players can create their own content, and there should probably be “visible sandbox” principles anywhere. It’s also worth noting that players can probably create their own worlds. Finally, Okami Games states that there will likely be social media integration in the repertoire, and possibly a streaming mode. Exactly what this social media integration and sandbox design looks like has not been revealed.

Logo all over for GTA 5 image detail
Everywhere: New details on former lead Rockstar developer’s GTA sidekick © Images Build a Rocket Boy / Rockstar Games (publisher)

By the way, the information shared by Okami Games is quite plausible. Because they come from Galaxy Interactive, a big investor in growth studio Build a Rocket Boy. This community of investors had already presented the information in a presentation. Analyst Roberto Serrano leaked it on Twitter.

GTA 6 Killer: a real translation of Ready Player One

The most concrete point of Okami Games’ tweet would be that Everywhere could become a modern translation of the Ready Player One story. live. They enter the apparent world of OASIS to escape reality. Here, parents can wear all their dreams and buy clothes, weapons and other things with visible currency.

In terms of base configuration, it’s the perfect dummy for a wide repertoire of worlds where players build their own worlds. The synopsis of Everywhere at least resembles a playable translation of Ready Player One, developed by former Rockstar Games lead developer Leslie Benzies and his team.

“There are those who want to use technology for themselves and those who want to use it to perfect humanity. Do you look up at the stars or do you look down? In the hearts of men and women there is has a struggle between perfect and evil, and before that there was no turning back. It’s a video game, a community, a new world. And that’s just the release of Everywhere”

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