How does Shield Bubble work in Fortnite?

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Shield Bubbles is back in Fortnite! But how do they work?

Fortnite’s latest v21.50 Battle Royale update brought back a host of stealth weapons. As part of Shadow of Phantasm week, the Suppressed Assault Rifle, Suppressed SMG, Shadow Bomb, and Shield Bubble have all been unlocked and featured in limited-time missions.

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But beyond these missions, it is important to know how to use the returned weapons and objects effectively. One confusing element is the shield bubble. Here’s how to use it to your advantage.

The Shield Bubble acts much like a grenade. Players can drop it on the ground to create a domed “bubble”. This balloon then becomes vulnerable to explosives and projectiles fired from outside, giving players a quick break from incoming fire.

The shield bubble lasts 30 seconds and players can enter and exit it as needed. To destroy it before, players must destroy the object that makes up the middle bubble. The shield ball can also be thrown above the vehicle for a more mobile defense.

It is important to note that Shield Bubble does not block all damage. If both sides are in the bubble, other players can still be hit, so it’s not safe to camp for long periods of time.

The Shield Balloon can be found as loot on the ground, in crates, and from Supply Drops.

Source : dbl tap

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