Is the Marvel universe at the center of next season?

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The collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball is still in the works, but Epic Games is already looking forward to the next installments of the flagship game. Last night, a drawing appeared on the banner of Fortnite creative director Donald Mustard’s Twitter profile. comics Fortnite x Marvel. Because of this, we may like Wolverine’s sketch both too vague and too obvious.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Presentations by Donald

If the world’s most trusted data miners immediately noticed this seemingly innocuous change in Twitter’s title, it’s only because Donald Mustard has a habit of poking fun at the content of upcoming seasons via his profile. By changing its description or its location, it sometimes gives us clues about the next BR content.

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Dataminers have been discussing the possibility of another Marvel season for several weeks. And this little wink only reinforces this prediction.

Marvel: an endless franchise?

Fortnite is not the first attempt with Marvel. The two licensees worked together in episode 2 to the point of building an entire season in this transition. Iron Man, Wolverine, Groot, Thor… all had skins obtainable with the standard Battle Pass!

And Marvel still has a number of superheroes to build on the original crossover. We just hope that the publisher doesn’t fall into the trap of publishing the Marvel season that has been announced to us. The franchise may be iconic, but above all, players expect the seasons to be incredible!

Source : Millenium

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