John Senna welcomes the arrival of the Fortnite blue helmet

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Photo courtesy of HBO Max

The peaceful suit may have made its way to Fortnite after John Senna himself laughed it off.

Fortnite is known for its pop culture crossovers. Whether it’s movies, comics, or other video games, there’s usually an outfit for everyone somewhere. According to a recent post by John Senna, it looks like a new crossover is coming to Battle Royale – Peacemaker.

The WWE wrestler and actor recently posted a “Flipped” Fortnite promo photo on his Instagram page. The post didn’t come with a title, so many people speculated what this post might mean. That said, it’s a safe bet that the message points to John Senna on a puzzle that will occur at some point in the future of Fortnite.

Epic Games has yet to confirm the puzzle, but it’s likely only a matter of time. Peacemaker wouldn’t be the first DC hero to head to Fortnite, following in the footsteps of Batman, Harley Quinn, or even Black Manta. There are no features that Epic Games has no intention of turning into cosmetics. Considering the HBO show’s finale is slated for this week, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

There’s no doubt that the John Cena themed skin has the potential to become a quick favorite by any degree.

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