Where to turn off control panels in Fortnite?

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There is a new resistance mission in Fortnite. Players should stop gaining power on control panels in the Command Cavern. Here’s what you need to know.

Fortnite, episode 3: season 2 reaches its climax. In the race, players must complete several resistance missions to get combat ripples in their favor. In one such mission this week, players head to the Command Cavern, where they’ll have to power down several control panels.

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This will give players a decent amount of 23,000 XP – a big boost for this season’s Battle Pass.

Finding all the control panels can be difficult. Luckily, we’ve listed exactly where you can see each.

Command Cavern has a total of three control panels. Before you start looking for them, you need to find the link to the device page except for the location.

As soon as you do that, you can log in and start searching for control panels. Each of the three will be inside the vent. To find the first, go through the south entrance of the Command Cavern and up the stairs. Turn right and look for a vent in the corner of the room, next to some cupboards. Go inside and damage the control panel with a pistol or a cutter.

The second is located west of the southern entrance. Note a few yellow barrels near the water. The ventilation you are looking for is right behind them.

The final control panel is located on the northwest side of the command cave. Players will have to swim through the water to find a small dock. Ventilation is under the stairs.

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