Ndombele FIFA 22 Challenges: How to Achieve Player Moments Goal

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Ndombele FIFA 22 Challenges: How to Achieve Player Moments Goal

The Ndombele FIFA 22 challenges are now live for Week 3 pre-season and the midfielder is moving to Napoli.

Tangy Ndombele moved to Napoli this summer and his new 96 rating is the best card he’s ever received in FIFA Ultimate Team. This new map is free through objectives and doesn’t require anything too intense. Everything can change in Squad Battles against the AI.

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Here’s how to complete the FIFA 22 Player Moments Ndombele objective:

  1. French Maestro: Using French players in five separate Squad Battles matches, one min. Professional difficulty (or opponents)
  2. Deadly Finisher: Squad Battles with at least three French players in your starting lineup for one minute. Professional difficulty (or opponents)
  3. Thready Beauty: Squad Battles min. Professional difficulty (or opponents)
  4. Serie A Rookies: Win five Squad Battles using Serie A players min. Professional difficulty (or opponents)

Completing a full set of objectives will give players the standard experience and wrap players have come to expect with target items.

Player Moments Ndombele expires September 9 at 1:00 p.m. ET.

Source : dbl tap

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