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FIFA 23 Pre-Season 2 Player Pick: How to Complete


FIFA 23 Pre-Season Group 2 Player Picks aired on September 2 as a recurring SBC during the FIFA 22 Calendar Year Final Promotion.

The pre-season marks the next FIFA 23 title and allows players to earn rewards in FIFA 22 in advance. Part of the promotion includes re-releases of promotional content in bundles with special new items. The Pre-Season Bulk 2 Player Pick is a recurring SBC allowing players to recycle and obtain some of the best cards in the game over the final weeks of FIFA 22.

Here’s how to complete the FIFA 23 Pre-Season Group 2 Player Picks:

Player selection has three players to choose from and SBC is unlimited replayable. Part 2 contains 200 Player Items, which is double the first batch. The official score has not yet been announced, as the Google sheet published by EA Sports has not yet been updated. However, based on the promotional images, the current players are:

Party 2 Player’s Choice ends in a week, but Party 2 will be in packs for the next 20 days, so expect a new SBC on Friday, September 9.

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