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FIFA 23 Pre-Season Rewards Week 3: Full List of Packs and Missions


The FIFA 23 Pre-Season Awards for Week 3 are now live, giving fans even more to get started with their FIFA 23 pre-release list.

FIFA 23 Pre-Season is the ultimate promotion for FIFA 22, where players can get special packs to register their new Ultimate Teams in the upcoming game. There are two sets of objectives in milestones: FUT 23 Kick Start III and Warm Up to FUT 23 III. The former focuses on Live FUT Amity, while the latter requires players to complete a limited replayable SBC.

The complete list of rewards available for the 3 weeks of FIFA 23 pre-season, what you need and more.

PRICE FIFA 23 – Kick Starter Pack 3

Players must complete the following objectives in the FUT 23 Kick Start III set for FIFA 22:

This set of objectives allows players to have at least five of both nations on their starting team to complete two at a time. Completing all objectives in FIFA 22 allows players to:

PRICE FIFA 23 – Warm-up Pack 3

Before warming up in the FUT 23 Kit III, players will need to complete the following missions:

The SBC is limited to recurrence, renews every 48 hours, and requires the following:

Completing a full set of objectives will reward players with:

Both sets of objectives expire in a week, so players will need to think about how quickly both will be completed.

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