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Leaked FIFA 23 Barcelona Rankings


FC Barcelona FIFA 23 player ratings leaked in apparent EA error.

Early yesterday morning, Twitter and other internet outlets flooded with numerous leaks as Xbox players gain access to FIFA 23. This access was partly facilitated by a flaw in the FIFA 22 update. in the bank seems to have since been fixed by EA’s devs, so to speak.

Moreover, informants like @WeaverFUTtook full advantage and provided their loyal followers with the much sought after FIFA 23 intel. After posting several tweets yesterday with information on multiple clubs, WeaverFUT’s profile is mysteriously blank today.

FC Barcelona, ​​one of the most well-known football organizations of all time, was definitely on Weaver’s list. Barcelona’s FIFA 23 roster player ratings can be found below, from highest to lowest.

Without Messi, Lewandowski would have become the oldest and highest-rated player in the game. There’s no doubt he’ll be highly regarded, like almost everyone else in the Barcelona squad this season. FUT managers are encouraged to target underdogs like Torres, Christensen and Araujo in early trades. If Barcelona have a good year, as they often do, these types of players who see the pitch well and play well can make the difference later in the season.

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FIFA 23 is released on September 30.

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