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FIFA 23 Liverpool Rankings Leaked

FIFA 23 Liverpool Rankings Leaked

Liverpool’s FIFA 23 roster player ratings have been leaked thanks to a botched oversight by EA developers.

FIFA 23 leaks flooded the internet yesterday morning after the FIFA 22 update gave Xbox players access to a nearly finished version of the game. More than a month after its early release, few in-the-know fans have could download and play FIFA 23.

TwitterDescription @WeaverFUT Hundreds, if not thousands of people took advantage of EA’s negligence and leaked the secret details of FIFA 23 to the world, attracting huge attention. Weaver was focused on player ratings. Although he posted dozens of FIFA 23 squads yesterday, he has since deleted those tweets. The reason for this deletion is unknown.

FIFA 23 information for Liverpool FC, one of the most famous teams in the Premier League in recent years, has been included in the leaked WeaverFUT package. FIFA 23 player ratings can be found below, sorted from highest to lowest.

One of the deepest teams in the game, Liverpool fans have reason to be optimistic about their squad this season. Talented FUT managers from scratch were lucky enough to secure the rights to Liverpool’s starting XI. Packing one of these names will instantly make a difference to even the deepest FUT squads.

Be sure to learn more about Juventus, Manchester United, Inter Milan, PSG, Arsenal, Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

FIFA 23 is released on September 30.

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