FIFA 22 EFIGS TOTS: What does this mean for the FUT Champs Awards?

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FIFA 22 FUT Champs fans are thrilled after the EFIGS TOTS prizes were announced last week.

FUT Champions is an online game mode that allows FIFA 22 Ultimate Team managers to compete over the weekend for optimized rewards. Players can qualify for the weekend event by winning enough Rivals matches during the week or by winning a certain number of matches in the FUT Champions event the previous weekend.

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The FUT Champions mode offers the FUT player the opportunity to participate in 20 matches during the weekend event and be ranked according to their winning record. The higher the ranking reaches the players, the better they are rewarded.

Typically, players from the FIFA 22 TOTS Weekly Promotion are offered as rewards during the FUT Champions Weekend Event, but this weekend was not.

Source : dbl tap

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