Call of Duty: Warzone STEN SMG Generate Max TTK

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Single Loadout for Call of Duty (CoD): A Warzone STEN submachine gun could be a build that disrupts the current meta.

Some weapons in CoD: Warzone never get a chance to shine like they should. With new additions introduced with nearly every major patch, it’s no surprise that some players don’t get a chance to play. Luckily, fans and players have teamed up to create buildings that breathe new life into some of the pillars.

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Check out this Dexerto Alec Mullins design for the STEN SMG.

In this structure, the annexes of the STEN are the following:

According to Mullins, the biggest downside to this build is the magazine’s small size, but keeping it in solos and duos shouldn’t be a major hurdle. Players may find it more difficult to make this structure a line and a rectangle, perhaps because the team is larger. Mullins also recommends throwing a sniper rifle at secondary weapons, such as the Swiss K31, which he plans for a short build.

The Swiss K31 boxes that must be suitable for this STEN load are:

Benefits of the Swiss K31 include:

We can’t wait to see how well this building will perform on the battlefield.

Source : dbl tap

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