Modern Warfare 2’s Gunsmith Revealed

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Hours after the series’ next showcase event, Call of Duty: Next, Activision officially unveiled the revamped Gunsmith, which made its debut in Modern Warfare II.

Along with confirming that the series will return to a maximum of five add-on systems, the new offering feels like a whole new system for players to explore. From rigs and receivers to gun safes and more, here’s everything you need to know about the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith.

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gun platforms

First off, the biggest change with the new Gunsmith is the addition of weapon platforms.

In previous CODs, where each weapon was a separate “family”, MW2 considered weapon manufacturers (e.g. Tempus Armaments) and grouped their offerings into weapon platforms.

Some weapon platforms, such as the RPG-7 and the Lockwood MK2 “cowboy rifle”, still have a single weapon, while other more modern platforms have three, four, or even five weapons different.

In MW2, players will receive all base weapon rigs from each manufacturer as they level up from level 1 to level 55.


The first weapon unlocked on a weapon rig will be known to its receiver, a weapon core that determines its primary use and power. Changing the barrel of the gun completely changes the gun; It is considered a “new” weapon in the loadout version, but still resides on the same weapon deck.

buyer at arms manufacturer

Receivers in Guns Receiver / Image courtesy of Activision

For example, the first receiver of the Tempus Armaments Weapons platform is the M4 assault rifle. After upgrading, players will unlock M4 add-ons and other Tempus Armaments receivers.

This effectively enhances progression as using the M4 not only unlocks the Tempus Armaments M16, 556 Icarus LMG, FTac Racon Battle Rifle, and FSS Hurricane SMG Receivers, but also unlocks compatible add-ons that can be instantly upgraded to new ones. new offers.

Tempus Armament M4 Weapons Platform Progress Map

Tempus Armament M4 Firing Platform Progress Map / Image courtesy of Activision

Expect less repetition and reasonable difficulty in unlocking and hiding attachments.

active vision

Each new buyer can be found in their assigned weapon category on the loading screen. However, when editing a weapon that is part of a larger weapon deck, players can change the receiver when editing the weapon.

M4 pistol

M4 Gunsmith / Image courtesy of Activision


Just like in previous games, upgrading a weapon in MW2 unlocks add-ons that include the aforementioned receivers.

As mentioned earlier, it unlocks for all weapons in the platform or for all weapons in the game, depending on the attachment.

As you level up the weapon deck, you will unlock two types of add-ons:

  1. Weapon Platform Specific Addons: Receivers include barrels, stocks, rear grips and magazines. They can be shared between all recipients of the platform. There is no need to unlock these attachments again for every weapon on the platform, but different weapon platforms have their own barrels and magazines to unlock.
  2. Universal accessories: understand Optics, ammunition, lower barrels and grips and foregrips. These only need to be unlocked once and can be used on any weapon that can equip them. Do you have any other scope or barrel mounts you like? This can hinder the progression of other weapons – check weapons, use this weapon to unlock it, then feel free to use it with another weapon.

gun safes

Weapon Crates are said to be the ultimate weapon blueprint: a variant of the base rig that retains its cosmetic features across all attachments.

FJX Ash Gun Holster

FJX Cinder Gun Safe / Image courtesy of Activision

Having a gun safe like the MW2 Vault Edition FJX Cinder means that all accessories for the equivalent gun rig (receivers, barrels, stocks, rear grips and magazines) are ready and alike. design.

Other optics, ammo, sub-barrels, foregrips, and grips can be loaded into gun magazines when normally unlocked.

It is said that all gun case attachments are designed with a specific aesthetic appearance in mind.

Weapon Crates are specifically designed for those who value the looks as much as the performance of a particular weapon rig.

active vision

throw distance

Finally, Activision has officially confirmed that Modern Warfare 2’s Gunsmith will indeed feature the Firing Range. More information on this front should arrive in Call of Duty: Next.

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