Warzone: get a skin pack for free!

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Who never gets bored of skins or weapons in Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone? Unfortunately, we know it too well, these packaging, also called packaging, are sometimes expensive and packaging plus packaging ends up arriving in regular quantities and we would do well without it.

Good Good news for PlayStation gamers as the new bundle is already availableand downloadable BattlefieldBut also for Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Free bundle for PS Plus subscribers in Warzone

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If you’re a PlayStation PS Plus subscriber, you know that some games offer various rewards for free, and Warzone is one of them.

For this month of May 2022, Offers Raven Software’s Battle Royale Bundle Quite interesting because the latter is just Operator skin for Padmavati, also weapon blueprint. You can find more details here:

  • Legendary Operator skin for Padmavati
  • Legendary Machine Gun Weapon Blueprint
  • Legendary Automatic Weapon Blueprint
  • an epic emblem
  • An epic show
  • epic lucky charm
  • An epic business card
  • 60 Minute Double EXP Tokens

To use this package as shown above, you must: Get PlayStation Plus your signatureQ. After that you need to log in Playstation Store On your console, type “Warzone” in the search bar and you should be greeted with this. This pack is called Odyssey.

explosive season 3

Warzone players have been into Battle Royale Season 3 for a few days now, and like every adventure season, this season also gets its fair share of new features. New weapons, new operatorsBut it’s not just that.

Recall that the city of Caldera suffered several times. Depends on their POIIt also has a new region called field excavation. There are several bones of giant creatures sleeping inside, but for how long?

When talking about creatures, it helps to remember that.A special event will take place in a few days: Operation Monarque. The last will be by date May 11And there will be two movies with the Behemoth King Kong and Godzilla. As we can imagine, after this event, the city of Caldera underwent some changes as a result of the damage caused by these two creatures.

As of this writing, the details of Operation Sovereign are still unclear, but we should hear more in the coming days.

Source : Millenium

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