Apex Legends players want to recycle the iconic landing site

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Apex Legends players are the favorites. Sometimes it likes the fan base and sometimes it sounds like white noise. But in this case, society may be right. One of the oldest locations in King’s Canyon is Gaul. This is not the original map, but one of the maps that appeared in the first major remake.

Just by name, it means to be a devastating place with fantastic guns and valuable loot. The multi-tiered design screams madness, with plenty of places to sleep and control the surrounding spaces. But instead, it’s pretty boring.

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Although it looks like a cage because it’s so simple, its large size is quite deceiving as it only has a few entrances and doesn’t have a good level of design. Players quickly made simple fixes.

“Swimming in the ambush cage is very satisfying. The outer ‘block’ design is a bit boring and I wish the outer tunnel system was bigger and the hallways were underground.

Other Redditors were excited about the idea of ​​underground tunnels running through the area to layer the area even more and allow players to fight at different depths. It may be a nightmare in recent circles, but having something different in the cage can help. It’s boring and it wouldn’t be surprising if the legend became a target to catch. This will allow Respawn to radically change it, adapting to a certain legend, giving players what they want, and new cosmetics to increase profits.

Source : dbl tap

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