Apex YouTuber reveals ‘hidden’ feature for L-Star

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For most of Apex Legends’ life, energy weapons have often been overlooked. Many consider them worse than other weapon groups. And L-Star received the most overlooked of all energy weapons.

The L-Star is a fully automatic energy assault rifle with surprisingly good range. At close range, the rate of fire will definitely melt the nearby enemy.

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Apex YouTuber and Gaming Merchant recently revealed a “secret” about the L-Star that could make it one of the best long-range weapons in the game.

Along with this mystery, L-Star also saw his lover in the 14th season. Buff increased the speed of weapon projectiles. This means the energy balls shoot much faster and farther than before.

Now for the secret. L-Stars shells grow as they travel. It becomes much easier to hit enemies at longer ranges as the ammo actually increases.

Combined with the Bullet Speed ​​Booster, bullets get bigger and the L-Star has almost no bullet drop, making it a great long-range weapon.

Most people tend to assume that with a high rate of fire the L-Star would be better at close range, but no. Don’t be surprised if you see L-Star being used more often.

Source : dbl tap

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