Apex Legends leak revealed new ‘Split Moon’ as possible Season 15 card

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It’s just over a month away from Apex Legends Season 14. But that hasn’t stopped the leakers from digging into a possible new map.

A series of two images and a video recently appeared on Reddit. Three different Reddit users shared different images. One is an image of the map, another is a POI, and the last is a video of the player flying around the non-woven map.

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The first image is from u/Xjust_be_niceX. This image shows an untextured point of interest and the surrounding landscape. The landscape seems to be somewhere in space, in the asteroid belt.

There is not much to say about the POI as it lacks detail. All we can say is that it’s high and close to the edge of the map.

The image below is a split moon map and is from u/I_Shall_Be_Known. The map shows points of interest like Alpha Base, Fortified Camp, Breaker Wharf, Void Town and many more.

Finally, in a post shared by u/Legitimate_Chapter82, we see what the entire map should look like. This video shows how to start a real Apex Legends game. We can see all points of interest and all other nearby areas. Again, none of the points of interest have any texture or detail, so we can’t fully explore them.

Source : dbl tap

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