Apex Legends’ Next Legend Could Be Called Vantage

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Apex Legends Data miners can discover the name of a future gaming legend in-game.

Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors went live on Tuesday, adding the usual clamor for new content to Newcastle, the latest legend to join the game’s ever-growing roster. It also added plenty of new files that data miners can browse and browse.

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After the update went live, data miner Shrugtal discovered the appeal of the weapon, which has yet to be officially released. After examining them, he discovered someone the legend called the Vantage.

Another Apex Legends dataminer using Twitter @SomeoneWhoLeaks found Holospray for this Vantage. These discoveries led some players to conclude that Vantage would be the next legend to come to Apex Legends, releasing the Season 14 editions to them.

Vantage has already appeared in the leak and said he will be a sniper-focused learning character. The capacity building kit included:

These skills have never been proven by Respawn Entertainment, and while they were correct at the time of the leak, they could change during development. The studio has yet to release any promotional material tying Vantage to its gameplay history, so it’s largely unknown at this time.

Source : dbl tap

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