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Sweet Child O’Mine’s voice sounds dangerously closer. It just means it hit the Thor: Love and Thunder billboard. And therefore, it is worth reconsidering the very strong trajectory of the hero.

In no time, the Goddess of Thunder is violently bursting onto the big screen. That means Natalie Portman is back to play Jane Foster nearly a decade later (if we don’t miss out on an unnecessary cameo in the movie). game over and his voice What If?). The character may not have been very popular with the public, but that’s no doubt because the scripts failed to capitalize on one of the most interesting acting actresses.

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This statement is not a shot in the air, but witness a very wide and diverse filmography that speaks for itself. A translator who has managed to combine occasional roles in commercial films with a very strong independent career. Not surprisingly, she has collaborated with some of the best directors who have grown exponentially as an actress.

But it also has impressive versatility and is evident in all known species.† As an example, this complex selection from his entire filmography:

Leon: professional

After a short short film, starting a career by creating one of the most iconic characters of 90s cinema is not something everyone can say. But he can’t say he did it when he was younger.

Ignoring her controversial and controversial sexuality, Mathilde radiated a very special charisma that even today seems to shine in a special light. That character is power demonstration hard to forget. This is also true for Luc Besson’s film, which has yet to come close to the results of this film.

Beautiful girls

After a supporting role in Heat (Michael Mann’s cult film), a daring Portman changed her career† The first of many that helps keep it fresh over time.

Mars attacks!

At the age of 14, she got a small role in the movie of one of her favorite directors at the time. The little genius shared the screen with Glenn Close and Jack Nicholson. He didn’t steal his scenes but it was his first time dealing with a big project. And again, passed with flying colors.

Star wars

After the Mars Attacks, he wanted more aliens, which made him the first role that truly impacted popular culture. Although the films were not well received and the actors seemed largely out of place, Portman deftly defended all of their performances.† No matter how weird they are, like that dark pedophile affair in the first episode or the ineffective love story in the second episode.

Padmé Amidala had at least a few moments to shine as a charismatic action hero, and Portman managed to give the character a defined and distinctly different angle. With a less talented actor, Padmé could have been a disaster.

cold mountain

It is Portman’s first film to enter the Oscar competition. The actor resumed in a secondary role, which the translator easily defended despite being surrounded by giants.

garden situation

The second major turning point in Portman’s career came when she chose to embrace independent cinema at a time when she was already an established name. It’s a lead role and it’s the first time she’s tackled a smaller, deeper role.


Mike Nichols’ penultimate film is an ominous emotional drama that has once again won Portman the audience he still holds strong today. No one is surprised at this point. Surprisingly, this movie earned him his first Oscar nomination.

V for vendetta

Despite this, Portman needed a role that would help her fully establish herself in front of the public as an actress. prequels Star wars They weren’t good enough as they weren’t well received and there wasn’t much dramatic material to play with.

on the contrary V for vendettaIt’s definitely her most challenging to date, based on the character’s intense dramatic journey where she gives absolutely everything in the role of Evey.and. It was a movie that appealed to the audience and found its place in the competitive market of popular culture.

Mr. Magorium

After that, a cult children’s movie played a major role, in which Portman brought tangible intimacy and managed to withstand scenes from a scrawny Dustin Hoffman. almost nothing.

Black Swan

The role that won him an Oscar is the darkest, most complex, and most difficult role he has ever developed. Portman conveys the descent into madness magnetically and seamlessly. And it’s easy to see an unattainable desire for perfectionism in an outstanding actress.

Aronofsky is an always incongruous and demanding director who brings out the best in his actors. Good or bad, you should always pay attention to your cinema. Y Black Swan exceeds.

– No seams attached/Your Majesty

It makes sense that he needed to degrease, and so the following roles would be his only entry into comedy. For starters, she chose to collaborate with Ashton Kutcher on: no seamsA romantic comedy without pain and glory. It was the absurd parody of curious, fantasy cinema. His Excellency† Comedy isn’t his talent, but he has retained his place.


Despite having only a romantic interest in the main protagonist, Portman managed to give Jane Foster a certain background and personality. Enough to face a god face to face† Despite being a weak role, her participation was so high that she fought to direct the second episode. Patty Jenkins† Didn’t happen, which caused friction Marvel Studios

But Thor’s first two episodes weren’t particularly satisfying. And with this fourth episode, the player can claim his place.

Knight of Hearts/Song to Song

interpret with Terence Malik a little silly. But he always prefers naturalness and spontaneity, as you never know when he will shoot or not. Or if their brutal setup will survive. Not all stars can say that. But Portman might say that not once, but twice.

It also coincided with Christian Bale for the first time, with whom he reunited for the first time. Thor: Love and Thunder† So it’s technically a prequel. Or something else…


The first part of Pablo Larraín’s female trilogy is dedicated to Jackie Kennedy, with absolute weight in Natalie Portma.n. He portrayed the character’s pain in the hours after JFK’s death in a very honest and courageous way. It impressed him so much that it earned him his last Oscar nomination.


The fact that this movie premiered on Netflix and had mixed reviews meant it didn’t make the noise it might have. But Alex Garland has republished one of the most thought-provoking works of pure science fiction to come out recently. And yet, a charismatic Portman impeccably directed a star-studded cast.

Lucy in the air

The last big misstep of his career. But from here we can argue Noah Hawley’s highly intelligent staging, Who manages to elevate a somewhat troubled story. Just like Natalie Portman’s very special interpretation.

CAt seventy credits, he is still juggling roles in films by directors like Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, Milos Forman, Todd Haynes, Wong Kar Wai. Combining everything, it can be clearly said that he knows how to choose wisely what steps to take in his career. He even found time to direct and star in the highly acclaimed A Tale of Love and Darkness. And always on one common denominator: a bright and determined actress.

For those who deny that there is no small part to him, or realize that Portman is in it. Thor: Love and Thunder they are not particularly motivated, it may be difficult for them to reach their muscle level. Taika Waititi’s film has undoubtedly been her most physically challenged test and has managed to find a challenge in inspiring new generations.

Thor is Thor, no additions have been made. And from here, he may just want to see how he manages to transcend himself again. thunder is heard† And it looks like it will have a different effect this time around.

– Bonus track 1: Not so long ago, he took a look at his enviable creative career himself.

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